Elizabethton, TN’s O’Brien Field undergoing changes for the better

The Elizabethton Star Online Edition

Here is an example of how minor league baseball works for communities:

Great news for the Appalachian League‘s Minnesota Twins and Elizabethton High School Baseball!  The Twins, the City of Elizabethton, and generous donors provided a new lighting system, scoreboard, batting cage, new restrooms, and concession stands.  It was built by inmates from the Northeast Correctional Center in Roan Mountain.  The Minnesota Twins spent $18,000 on a new batting cage last year and added $10,000 in improvements prior to the 2011 season — a facility that is primarily used by the Elizabethton High School baseball team.

A statement made by Elizabethton Parks and Recreation director Mike Mains, who also serves as General Manager of the Elizabethton Twins baseball club during the summer months, went this way: “This is just another improvement that directly benefits the school system in many ways more than it does the minor league team…Sometimes I wonder if people are really fully aware, in our community, of the benefits that a minor league team has. Not only of bringing money into the community, which will be close to a half-million dollars over a two-month period, but because we have this team here our youth reap the benefits of it.”

Also from the article:  “In the last 10 years alone, over 30 former Elizabethton Twins have made their way onto a Major League Baseball club – and many citizens in the community have missed out on an opportunity to see names such as Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Matt Garza and Denard Span.” Great record guys – congratulations on the new stadium improvements!

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