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Here’s the Pitch…Let’s Make It a Hit!

Minor league baseball isn’t what it used to be.

If you were of the generations who were growing up or had young families during the 20 years from 1970 to 1990, you may think, “Minor league baseball as family entertainment?  No way!”  But I have news for you:  For the past twenty years or so, minor league baseball has enjoyed an extraordinary increase in popularity, no matter what class of team you are going to see. If you are considering taking your family to explore a game, you will not see empty stadiums or depressing conditions.  You will experience the  vibrant, up-and-coming phenomenon that is even more than a wonderful baseball game.  There is something for all ages of your family to enjoy – not just every age of child, but you and their grandparents too!  You can get up-close-and-personal with the umpires (be polite, you might see him at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday!).  You can experience your hometown’s or county’s own team, visiting surrounding towns or counties and spreading the word about how fabulous your hometown is, tempting others to visit, set up shop, or buy a home here.  You can have the satisfaction of knowing that your attendance is what drove the subsequent growth of your hometown, because ticket sales are almost half of your local team’s profit.

If you are considering going, you will also find that you can take your whole family , and feed them too, for the price of ONE ticket to a major league game!  And, you will not have to drive to Citizen’s Bank Park to do it.  Let’s dream a little bit, my friends:  if Phoenixville had its own baseball stadium, you might very well be able to walk there.  If there were a stadium in Phoenixville, more businesses would be successful here.  Maybe your business!  In a time when we need more local opportunities for us all, the team would be a large and beneficial local business.  It would draw us together, family members, school friends, and neighbors, all cheering for a common goal.  Let’s take the recent success of our Farmer’s Market and our downtown businesses even farther!  Join me in supporting the construction of our very own baseball stadium!










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