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Sugar Land: New minor league baseball team to be called the Skeeters

Sugar Land: New minor league baseball team to be called the Skeeters | Houston.

Here’s a new team whose stadium I posted about earlier.  They now have a name – fans chose it from three options – and kids from a local elementary school helped with the name and logo unveiling this morning.  The Sugar Land Skeeters’ first season will begin in April 2012!


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IronPigs and their wives make cookbook to raise $10,000 for the National Brain Tumor Society

IronPigs’ #1 fan group, Noise Nation, has put together a charity cookbook (original article by Keith Groller in the Morning Call)

The team, their wives, and a few players from rival teams have teamed up with founder and president of Noise Nation, Dan Kehl, to create a winning group of recipes.  The cookbook costs $20.  It can be purchased from any member of Noise Nation if you see them at Coca-Cola park, or you can order a copy from

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Here’s the Pitch…Let’s Make It a Hit!

Minor league baseball isn’t what it used to be.

If you were of the generations who were growing up or had young families during the 20 years from 1970 to 1990, you may think, “Minor league baseball as family entertainment?  No way!”  But I have news for you:  For the past twenty years or so, minor league baseball has enjoyed an extraordinary increase in popularity, no matter what class of team you are going to see. If you are considering taking your family to explore a game, you will not see empty stadiums or depressing conditions.  You will experience the  vibrant, up-and-coming phenomenon that is even more than a wonderful baseball game.  There is something for all ages of your family to enjoy – not just every age of child, but you and their grandparents too!  You can get up-close-and-personal with the umpires (be polite, you might see him at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday!).  You can experience your hometown’s or county’s own team, visiting surrounding towns or counties and spreading the word about how fabulous your hometown is, tempting others to visit, set up shop, or buy a home here.  You can have the satisfaction of knowing that your attendance is what drove the subsequent growth of your hometown, because ticket sales are almost half of your local team’s profit.

If you are considering going, you will also find that you can take your whole family , and feed them too, for the price of ONE ticket to a major league game!  And, you will not have to drive to Citizen’s Bank Park to do it.  Let’s dream a little bit, my friends:  if Phoenixville had its own baseball stadium, you might very well be able to walk there.  If there were a stadium in Phoenixville, more businesses would be successful here.  Maybe your business!  In a time when we need more local opportunities for us all, the team would be a large and beneficial local business.  It would draw us together, family members, school friends, and neighbors, all cheering for a common goal.  Let’s take the recent success of our Farmer’s Market and our downtown businesses even farther!  Join me in supporting the construction of our very own baseball stadium!









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Elizabethton, TN’s O’Brien Field undergoing changes for the better

The Elizabethton Star Online Edition

Here is an example of how minor league baseball works for communities:

Great news for the Appalachian League‘s Minnesota Twins and Elizabethton High School Baseball!  The Twins, the City of Elizabethton, and generous donors provided a new lighting system, scoreboard, batting cage, new restrooms, and concession stands.  It was built by inmates from the Northeast Correctional Center in Roan Mountain.  The Minnesota Twins spent $18,000 on a new batting cage last year and added $10,000 in improvements prior to the 2011 season — a facility that is primarily used by the Elizabethton High School baseball team.

A statement made by Elizabethton Parks and Recreation director Mike Mains, who also serves as General Manager of the Elizabethton Twins baseball club during the summer months, went this way: “This is just another improvement that directly benefits the school system in many ways more than it does the minor league team…Sometimes I wonder if people are really fully aware, in our community, of the benefits that a minor league team has. Not only of bringing money into the community, which will be close to a half-million dollars over a two-month period, but because we have this team here our youth reap the benefits of it.”

Also from the article:  “In the last 10 years alone, over 30 former Elizabethton Twins have made their way onto a Major League Baseball club – and many citizens in the community have missed out on an opportunity to see names such as Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Matt Garza and Denard Span.” Great record guys – congratulations on the new stadium improvements!

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Minor League Baseball: No. 1 pick Harper excites fans in Kannapolis | Salisbury, NC – Salisbury Post

Minor League Baseball: No. 1 pick Harper excites fans in Kannapolis | Salisbury, NC – Salisbury Post.

18-year-old Mickey Mantle?  Babe Ruth?  Skilled AND a nice guy?  Watch the Washington Nationals to see more of this meteoric star!


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Reflections of a Nostalgic Baseball Fan « Stumbling back to Orthodoxy

Reflections of a Nostalgic Baseball Fan « Stumbling back to Orthodoxy.

Here is a great blog entry on both pros and cons of minor league baseball from a  blogger in Detroit.  I’ve snipped a gem that I hope will persuade you to read the rest of the entry:

“…it’s much more fun to yell insulting things at the umpire and have him actually be able to hear you. I’ve sat behind a few fans that wrote down the umpires’ names when they were announced before the game, as to be able to harass all of them personally. Last year, I sat a few rows behind a guy that would yell “We respectfully disagree” at the umpire whenever there was a (perceived) bad call. It was the most polite harassment any of us had ever heard, presumably including the umpire, who started laughing the first time that this happened.”

Thanks for this great blog entry, Garrett!

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Sugar Land, TX MiLB Stadium Journey details online!

Here is a blog about Sugar Land, a city in Texas which is in the process of building a $27.9 million MiLB stadium.  This section of the blog contains a timeline of developments, beginning with the February, 2010 press release through choosing a baseball partner, selecting the site and progress of construction.

The latest news?  “The ceremonial installation of home plate at the future site of StarTex Power Field marked an historic milestone for professional baseball in Sugar Land”!  How exciting it would be to be a resident of this town, beginning with the project as an idea and seeing it through to your seat behind third base!

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Insider Sports Marketing – Minor League Baseball Is A Home Run

This article contains lots of  great information on minor league baseball even though it also speaks to North Carolina specifically.  I’ve listed some interesting facts and quotes here:

• MiLB outdraws the NFL, NBA and NHL in attendance, with nearly as many as the NHL and NBA combined.

• More than 4 in 10 fans are women, nearly 7 in 10 are in the prime 18-44 age group, half have children at home, and nearly 8 in 10 are homeowners.

• Attendance has swelled from 12.3 million in 1980 to more than 43 million last season (2007).

Pat O’Conner, President and CEO of Minor League Baseball, says “Minor League Baseball plays a significant role in a community’s quality of life and economic vibrancy. The people, business corporations, and fans… understand the role and importance of Minor League Baseball and we value our place in their lives.”

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Minor League Baseball Teams Make Push to Lure Fans in With Major League Deals –

This is an informative article on the low cost and high entertainment value of minor league baseball.  Note the seventh and eighth paragraphs which I’ve quoted below:

“Nine of our last 10 highest attendance figures have been in the last 10 years,” said Minor League Baseball representative Steve Densa. More than 41 million fans attended a minor league game last season, up from 38.8 million in 2001.

And while the tough economy has hurt many businesses, some believe it’s actually helped the minors. One team in Trenton, N.J., has experienced one of the highest attendance growths, putting more than 8,000 fans in their stadium on a regular basis.”

via Minor League Baseball Teams Make Push to Lure Fans in With Major League Deals –

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Minor League season opens with a bang | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball

Minor League season opens with a bang | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball.

Notable events took place nationwide on Minor League Baseball’s opening night last Thursday, including Chris Hatcher, who appeared in five games for the Marlins last season, and who is attempting to become the first Major League catcher to convert to pitcher. This quixotic quest got off to a good start on Opening Night, as Hatcher threw a scoreless seventh inning against Huntsville.   Also The Philadelphia Phillies’ drafted pitcher Joe Savery  is now a designated hitter for Class A Advanced Clearwater Threshers, hitting .800 (12-for-15), and the Lehigh Valley IronPigs won their home opener!

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